【Shinshu Salmon】Eat Shinshu Salmon to Live Healthily and Beautifully


Shinshu’s Premium Specialty Fish

Freshwater fish have been important protein sources as there are no seas in Shinshu. The rich and fresh aquatic environment, provided by Chikuma River, Kiso River, and Tenryu River, fostered such freshwater fish.

Shinshu is famous for fish farming. It takes pride in its greatest production volume of trouts (e.g., Rainbow trout, char, cherry trout, and Shinshu Salmon) in Japan.

Shinshu Salmon is an innovative breed of trouts. Nagano Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station spent ten years of trial and error to develop Shinshu Salmon by making full use of Nagano’s excellent aquatic environment. Fish seed production and aquaculture are carried out under the authorization of the Fisheries Agency.

Shinshu Salmon are produced by crossbreeding female rainbow trout and male brown trout under cutting-edge technology. They inherit the strengths of both rainbow and brown trouts. The name “Shinshu Salmon” reflects the location of their production and their physical resemblance to salmon.

Rainbow trout: easy to grow, fine meat quality
Brown trout: resistant to infectious diseases

Shinshu Salmon are completely safe to eat raw because they contain no parasites. The facilities for farming Shinshu Salmon are managed under a strict food safety and sanitation policy. Shinshu Salmon are grown without contact with parasites. 

Shinshu Salmon are resistant to diseases and supplied stably and responsibly.

Health Benefits of Shinshu Salmon

“Eat Shinshu Salmon to Live Healthily and Beautifully.” 

Shinshu Salmon is abundant in Astaxanthins, which removes active oxygen and has a whitening effect (i.e., limits melanin production). Shinshu Salmon is very healthy for its high protein content, low fat, and caloric content. 

Nutrition Facts of Shinshu Salmon

Nutrition Facts of Shinshu Salmon

SpeciesCalories (Kcal/100g)Protein (g/100g)Total Fat (g/100g)
Shinshu Salmon15021.27.1
Atlantic Salmon (Cultivated)23720.116.1
Silver Salmon (Cultivated)20419.612.8
Rainbow Trout

The above values are adapted from the Nagano Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station website. 

Exporting Shinshu Salmon to ASEAN Nations

While expanding the domestic market of Shinshu Salmon, we are also promoting them to the international market. You could now purchase Shinshu Salmon’s processed goods abroad. 

Similarly to the Japanese market, Norwegian Salmon and Chile Trout Salmon dominate the markets in the ASEAN nations. 

The demand for salmon continues to increase. Salmon is now the most popular fish in sushi restaurants and even across the world. 

On top of all, Shinshu Salmon became the finest cultivated fish amongst cultivated salmon. 

The Qualities of Shinshu Salmon Make It the One and Only

The Qualities of Shinshu Salmon

  • Minimized unfavorable smell, which characterizes freshwater fish
  • Smooth and fine flesh
  • Contains the optimal amount of fat

Shinshu Salmon are highly rated for the above reasons. Today, salmon are commonly eaten raw as sashimi or sushi and distributed at a low price. However, Shinshu Salmon transforms itself into a greater variety of dishes.  

We Suggest Original Shinshu Salmon Dishes

Original Shinshu Salmon dishes fascinate customers with their superb taste.

Our recommended recipe for Shinshu Salmon is to cook it on a frying pan. Grill the skin in high heat until crisp. Let the heat gently conduct from the skin to the flesh until the fish is cooked medium-rare.

Surprisingly, the delicate texture and rich taste of Shinshu Salmon are fully presented on such a simple dish. The flesh is maintained moist and melts on the tongue.