Restaurant Consulting


Find out how to open a restaurant

What do you imagine as your ideal restaurant?
“Furnished with stylish interior decoration”
“Serves delicious sweets”
“A place where our guests can enjoy coffee with their favorite music”
“Serves feast to celebrate family events”

I’m sure you have a vision of the store you will open.

Elements of a successful restaurant
(formula for success)

Marketing Store scale and design
Capital and operation plan Business and administration plan
Advertisement plan  

We will suggest you the necessary steps to open your restaurant.
When would you open your restaurant?
What would you serve to your customers?
Please feel free to share the size of your restaurant and kitchen, the number of seats, and interior design with us.

The opening of a restaurant requires extensive preparation.
It includes applying for business licenses as well as purchasing of facilities, devices, and supplies.
Every potential issue must be considered from different aspects, in order to ensure the maximum profit.

Consultation process

Below are the necessary points to be discussed, prior to the opening of the restaurant

.Meeting (e-mail/ZOOM/on-site)
.Counselling (store setup, location, etc.)
.Counselling (store concept and overview)

  1. Tasks and schedules of a restaurant opening
  2. Checking the progress of tasks
  3. Illustrating an image of the restaurant to be opened
  4. Predict the progress of tasks before opening
  5. Are the initial goals met?
  6. Are all tasks completed by the final inspection before the opening?
  7. Are there enough staffs to support the opening?

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Your business is in a slump

Even if you kick off a successful start in business, achieving the sales of the previous year becomes very difficult in a few years.
Factors of slump include changes in the external environment, your own sales force, customer needs, service, and quality decline.
We will identify the most important issues and propose a restructuring plan shortly, to speed up the resuscitation of your business.

Factors for business recovery of restaurants
(Success equation)

Store inspection
(service, products)
Environment Analysis
Customer Data

Consultation process

  1. Application
  2. Meeting (e-mail/ZOOM/on-site)
  3. Counselling (store inspection, marketing)
  4. Counselling (performance review, customer data, etc)

We will identify challenges, implement and evaluate the efficacy of various improvement plans – all to rebuild unprofitable stores.

At the first counselling session, we will explain our consultation process in more detail ( free of charge).

The second counselling session will be more in-depth.
Following the two counselling sessions and progress in the investigation, we will submit a proposal for restructuring your business.
After the second counselling session, a business agreement is signed and we will provide you with a fee-based consulting service.

H&L88 Restaurant Consulting Policy

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